Watching the video of my naked jump

Nothing looks good at 120mph. Inspiration and gif found on Reddit. Thanks, internet! 

How I feel when I finally come back to skydiving after an injury


When I’m under canopy and see people in front of me still in freefall

Thanks for the submission Derek W. :) 

When I suddenly get an idea for the most ninja dive plan ever


…the otter flies at midnight…WAAH-HI-YA!

Watching tandems land on a windy day

Thanks Connor M and other people who sent me this gif!

When someone brings back my cutaway canopy and freebag from the woods


I love you, man! 

Thanks Rob A. for the submission!

Working on PLF’s

When I get unstable in the tunnel and try to save it

Aaaaaaaand that’s a wall. 

Thanks Mark for the submission =) 

My reaction when someone says my gear is ugly


Thanks Kadu K. for the submission :) 

When a hot girl is packing