Dirt diving a complex angle dive


Thanks Melanie J. so much for this submission! 

Trying to dock on a spinning formation


Thanks Christy V. for the submission! 

What the ground looks and feels like when you hook it low

Thanks Ryan B. for the submission! 

PS. I looked it up and the guy who took this video lived 

My reaction when someone cuts me off on landing

Thanks Jimmy!

Walking to the plane in a wingsuit for the first time

Thanks Joe N. for the submission! 

How I feel after doing a lot of tunnel time


I can barely lift my arms to type this post. Aaaagggghhhh!!

When I biff a landing and no one is around to notice

Submitted by my token Asian skydiving friend, Kevin T. 

How I felt doing my first hoop jump

Submitted by Rob L. Thanks!!

When I was learning to pack and someone asked me how it was going


What I do when I can’t skydive

Thanks Marty M. and Jeff K. for sending me this gif :)